Request edit

To submit a request, gather the following information:

  1. detailed information about what you want done (level of edit, type of revision, requirements for reformatting, etc.)
  2. audience (for edits)
  3. desired reading level (for edits)
  4. region for use (for example, intended for audiences in the UK, Canada, or the USA)
  5. required time for completion
  6. format for the returned work (online changes, hardcopy markups, summary files, or edited source files)
  7. your contact information and preferred method of contact

If you want us to edit content online (a blog or webpage), email us with the content location and any required login information. If you have a Word, FrameMaker or other document file you wish to revise, email it to us.

We accept all common file formats.

We’ll respond with a quote, confirming your delivery deadline and identifying options. If you reply to the quote and authorize us to proceed, we’ll start work on your request. When the work is complete, we email the markups, summary or source files back to you for your approval. If you requested an edit of a blog, webpage or other online content, we email you to notify you that the work is complete.

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